Top 11 Cloud Platforms for Internet of Things IoT

Tuesday, November 2nd 2021.

But keep in mind that feasibility should only be considered AFTER you have desirability and viability. In other words, you need to make sure you are solving a real customer pain and that your solution will lead to financial gains, before building your product. IoT platforms help you with feasibility by accelerating and reducing risk in your development process. Based on this simplified description, a good IoT platform should provide the tools and infrastructure to cover as many of these tasks as possible.

iot cloud platforms

Top companies have hundreds of developers working on enhancements and new functionality. The gap you are experiencing might be covered in the next release, not to mention the new functionality, partners, and tools they’ll continue to provide throughout the years. These companies spend years and millions of dollars building non-value-added infrastructure, instead of focusing on building differentiated features to serve their customers.

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Privacy and security concerns are raised by any data access breach, whether it is in transit or stored. Proper legal agreements and mechanisms are required to ensure that data or the results of data analysis are only used by authorized personnel. As firms strive to keep their SAP ERP systems efficient and cost-effective, smooth data connectivity is becoming a key emphasis area. Integration of IoT with SAP not only streamlines data transfer but also gives insights to spot behaviors and patterns. It can then be used to assist business learning, decision-making, and performance uptime. WebNMS IoT platform is developer-friendly, adaptable, and designed with features that improve efficiency, reduce expenses, and optimize returns.

It offers solutions for mobile operators to provide phenomenal IoT experience. Thingworx is one of the leading IoT platforms for industrial companies, which provides easy connectivity for devices. Thingworx 8 is a better, faster, easier platform, providing the functionality to build, deploy, and extend industrial projects and apps.

IoT Analytics Platforms

It also provides encryption and anonymization to comply with data privacy regulations. Industrial Asset Vision utilizes sensors to monitor your assets continuously and deliver data for better decision-making. Google Maps Platform helps visualize the location of connected assets.

iot cloud platforms

To make it easier for you to decide which IoT platform to choose for your project, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular Internet of Things platforms for this year, with detailed descriptions of each one. Gateways and data acquisition systems convert gathered data from the analog to the digital format. In this article, we discuss the most popular Internet of Things platforms for 2023. At the forefront of the tech industry since 2017, Natallia is devoted to her motto – to write about complicated things in an easily comprehensible manner. With her passion for writing as well as excellent research and interviewing skills, she shares valuable knowledge on various IT trends. Pricing on Google Cloud is done on a per-minute basis, which is cheaper than other platforms.

Google Cloud

App development platforms serve as an integrated development environment with tools and features for coding applications. ThingsBoard is a cloud-based IoT platform for managing devices, gathering, processing, and visualizing data for IoT projects. Reliable remote device control and administration, enormous cloud storage, securely transmitting data, evaluation of data in real-time, rapid display of data, Security, and risk management. Internet of Things devices has recently grown in applications such as smart cities, Agriculture, wearable, vehicle tracking, IoT retail shops, and many more. These IoT devices generate a large amount of data, which is transported to the cloud to be analyzed. It gathers data from devices, websites, applications, and partners to trigger actions for real-time responses.

iot cloud platforms

It is also one of the best platforms for developers who do not mind its cost. This service is used for remotely managing, monitoring, and organizing IoT devices. Developers have the option to either register devices in bulk or individually and manage all permissions to ensure that the devices are secure all the time. However, for these projects to work and meet their requirements, they need an outstanding IoT platform. There are several platforms available in the market today, making it difficult for developers to choose the best platform for their IoT services.


They can be extended to include services that use machine learning algorithms to perform predictive analysis. This is especially useful for disaster prevention and recovery planning, which uses data from edge devices. Deploying machine learning models on edge devices, assessing data from sensors, and executing appropriate management actions is a difficult process.

  • Software development is an important part of business operations.
  • The Cisco IoT Cloud Connect platform comes with several robust features that make it stand out from the rest.
  • Device shadow services store device information on IoT Platform which ensures communication reliability when your WLAN is unstable.
  • The Internet of Things is the collection and exchange of data by billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet.
  • The decision will always be based on the specific needs of your company.
  • Given the specialization of Google within the machine learning space, we also anticipate that it continues to offer potentially compelling products for applications that want to use machine learning at the edge.

Businesses can use this feature to restock their trending products to prevent shortages. This way, customers are more loyal because they’ll know they can get what they want without the “out of stock” notice. Businesses can utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning iot platform vendors to transform data into insights and actions. For instance, the CRM dashboard displays a problem with windmill performance as soon as sensors pick it up. The system then has the option of either automatically adjusting the settings or opening a service ticket.

What Are The Top Cloud Platforms For IoT?

In addition to trustworthy IoT software, Cisco also offers switches, access points, routers, gateways, and other devices. The IoT aims to connect devices remotely for smooth operation and convenience. It gives information about the data used in the backend application. An IoT platform is a collection of components that enables developers to distribute applications, collect data remotely, secure connectivity, and manage sensors. Xi IoT provides AI-driven processing at the edge via a zero-touch software platform.

iot cloud platforms

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